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Welcome to the Kid’s Korner at Here your little entrepreneur (under 18) can learn valuable business skills AND save money for education! This concept was inspired by the little entrepreneurs in our lives, and we thought it was too good of an idea not to share. welcomes any child under 18 who has a shippable item to sell which doesn’t require commercial packaging or licensing (i.e. not food) to have their parents create a Vendor account for them to post their items which will be placed on a special shopping page. Good ideas for the Kids Korner includes art, ceramics, candles, soaps, slime – you get the idea.
If you’re ready to sign up – go here.
If you’d like to SHOP the Kids Korner – go here.
There is a catch!  The catch is that we ask the Kids Korner Vendors (parents and kids) to pledge that they will save the MAJORITY of the funds generated from their sales for educational purposes – that could be saving for college or a special field trip – think middle school trip to Washington, DC or a summer camp or sports camp or class that they need to fundraise for in order to attend. 
In our family, we will set aside 75% of the funds generated. I’d like to think most families will chose a number close to that, but as long as you’re pledging the MAJORITY of the funds will go towards education, you are a qualified Kids Korner Vendor. 
The vendor fee for Kids Korner accounts is 10% which covers the cost of maintaining this platform and credit card processing fees. This is equal to the fee charged by Go Fund Me.
Please make sure your Kids Korner items are easily shippable and you are able to pack them and you will need to note in your product listing anytime that shipping insurance over $150 is required. 
Have fun and be creative! We hope you earn lots of money to go to that special something you’ve been looking forward to attending.