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RamsHead Coffee - El Salvador Whole Bean 12oz


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RamsHead Coffee – El Salvador Whole Bean 12oz


Out of stock


Farm Direct: Menendez Family Farm

Info: High Altitude growing regions producing ripe cherries, washed and sun-dried.

The Menendez Family Farm is based in the highlands of El Salvador. This multi-generational farm produces some of the finest quality coffees in El Salvador. RamsHead began buying from the Menendez Farm roughly four years ago. During that season RamsHead has built a great relationship with Guillermo and his family. The Menendez Farm accounts for roughly 50% of our coffee purchasing throughout the year. RamsHead sources coffee from the farm for both single origin offerings and for their espresso. The Menendez Farm is our flagship coffee provider and RamsHead would not be who they are without this amazing farm direct partner.

The Pacamara varietal is the premier coffee offered from the Menendez Farm. Grown in the higher elevations of the farm allows for slower coffee growth and prime cherry development. With this in mind, this Pacamara products amazing notes of chocolate, honey, and raspberry with a sweet and full finish. Nothing short of spectacular, you will drink this coffee again and again.

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