Create an account to get 10% off your order over $50. Discount code: summerdaze is, more than anything, a small business empowerment platform, and the fact you’re here must mean you’re awesome. We want to work with you to enhance your brand, make new connections, find new markets and make everything you’re doing even better.

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And the part you’re probably wondering about?  Well…

It is FREE! Currently for a limited time there are NO fees to open your shop! No subscription fee or membership fee will be required for a limited time. At there are no fees to start your business, and getting started is quick and easy. What’s even better is there is no minimum requirement for product inventory or product listings. When you sell a product from your shop, you will recieve 87% of your total sale (not including shipping charges). will receive 13% of your total sales, not including shipping and handling charges. 10% is for providing you a great, easy to use platform for your worldwide shop (that’s an incredible deal), and the additional 3% is for card processing and service. You’ll want to make a note of this and tell your friends, that charges 3% more than the charitable emergency fundraising website, Go Fund Me. That’s no joke. is a great deal for Vendors. 

What do you get for 13% of your total retail sales (not including shipping)? That’s a fabulous question. Primarily, you’ll get a great direct to consumer platform for your artisan, regional and gourmet products. Secondly, you’ll get free marketing direct into your target consumers. The mind behind marketing has 15 years experience working directly with the brands you love best inside and out of the natural and organic products industry – brands like Clif Bar and Patagonia to name a couple that you probably know best. This person knows the market and how to access it – not just in the US, but worldwide. Thirdly, you’ll get a state of the art multivendor direct to consumer website for your products. 

How does it work? We collect your orders, you’ll receive them via email and you’ll also get a shipping label too.  You ship the product using sustainable and recycled packaging materials as much as possible. Now, you can’t just throw a bunch of stuff in a box…you gotta pack it in a way that you can be sure it won’t break because refunding orders for a bunch of broken stuff doesn’t work well for your business or our platform, but in general, it really is  just that easy.

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